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Face Powder Tips

Good powder will guarantee that your make up will stay on very long.         
It will even the skin and make it look smooth and healthy.

When you choose the colour of your powder try to follow the same rules as with foundation and corrector – it should match the colour of your skin as closely as possible. If you hesitate you can choose a transluscent powder – it will adjust to the colour of your complexion. If your skin has a tendency to blush or if you have spider veins, you should not use pinkish powders. Warm beige will be a lot better for you.

To achieve a healthy and fresh look, use products containing shiny particles that reflect the light, the so-called illuminating powders. Pearl dust that reflects the light can be found in mineral powder Illuminating Effect FM GROUP MAKE UP.

If you have got problems with your skin shining throughout the day, always have pressed mattifying powder with you. Thanks to molecules of talcum, it will absorb sebum from the surface of your face. It will also minimise the visibility of blackheads and will cover up the imperfections. You can choose mineral powder Mattifying Effect FM GROUP MAKE UP. Before you correct your make up, put a tissue on your face to get rid of sebum that is already there.

Do you want to model the shape of your face? Use bronzing powder. Apply a small amount with a brush on the nose, cheekbones and chin and you will look like touched by the sun.                                                           

To model the shape of your face you can use mineral powder Bronzing Effect FM GROUP MAKE UP.

When applying the powder with a brush remember about the direction of the strokes: from the middle to the sides and from top to bottom – in this way you will smooth out the delicate fluff on your face.