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Foundation Tips

Right foundation is your most important investment! If you select a good foundation it will make your complexion glow, and look healthy and natural.

Foundation covers up the skin's imperfections and evens the colour of your complexion. 

Before you choose a foundation though, you should answer the following questions:

1. What is your skin type? 
2. What finishing touch do you expect to achieve for your make up?
3. What is the colour of your complexion? 
4. What type of coverage do you need: light or full?

Properly selected foundation will be longer-lasting and will look gorgeous long after the application.

The best way to choose the right colour of the foundation is to make the so-called streak test. The ideal place on your face to carry out such a test is the line between your jaw and neck. Apply three streaks of different foundations and wait for a few minutes until the colour adapts to your skin pigment. You should carry out that test in the daylight. If the colour of the foundation is exactly the same as your skin tone – you have passed the test. With flying colours.

You can achieve different finishes to your make up depending on the type of your skin. 

Matt finish – The most suitable for oily skin and combination. Mattifying foundations provide the best coverage so they are suitable for skin with imperfections and pimples. You need to apply your foundation in moderation to avoid the “mask effect”. You can expect perfect coverage when you use innovative foundation Covering Effect FM GROUP MAKE UP. 

Satin finish – It can be used for all skin types apart from oily and having many imperfections. It is a very delicate and natural finish, actually it is almost half-transparent.

Crème finish - Moisturising – it is especially suitable for dry and mature skin. It is very comfortable if your skin feels tight and not so firm, and has spider veins. These foundations are perfect for winter to protect your skin from the frost and prevent spider veins from occurring.

Illuminating finish – It can be used for every skin type. Thanks to its components that optically reflect the light, it covers up wrinkles perfectly. It is recommended especially in summer, as it emphasises your natural tan.

Application of the foundation. You can apply your foundation in three ways:
- with a sponge – thanks to it you will apply your foundation evenly, reaching the line of jaw and hair; 
- with a brush – good application will guarantee full coverage;
- with the tips of your fingers – the warmth of your fingers will make the foundation merge into the skin.
The best way to start the application is to dab small dots onto your face across forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and neck first, and then spread with fingers or a sponge on the whole of your face. After the application, touch your face with a tissue, it will absorb the excess of the foundation. Afterwards, apply a bit of pressed powder.

By putting a bit of foundation on your lips you will make your lipstick stay on longer. 

You can also try to enhance the shape of your lips, but do not do that if you are planning to wear just lip gloss.