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Foundation Samples

Advanced Foundation

Advanced “water in silicone” formula
Professionally chosen blend of polymers and pigments covered with microscopic silicone-envelope, guarantees flawless coverage
Silicone molecules leave the skin feeling as smooth as silk
Contains a touch of moisturising and nourishing ingredients
Gives an even coverage (without the so-called “mask effect”)
Contains UV filters and antioxidants
Suitable for all skin types


Second Skin Foundation

Opalising pigments perfectly adapt to your natural complexion, reflect the light covering  imperfections of your skin and even its colour.
Vitamin C esters stimulate collagen production and help to restore the right elasticity to your skin.
Gradually released polymers absorb the excess of sebum, creating the matt effect of skin moisturising, smoothing and nourishing substances make your skin look and feel fresh.
Light formula guarantees pleasant application.
Contains antioxidants and UV filters.
Suitable for all skin types.

Dark Skin Foundation

Dark Skin Foundation Adaptive Effect
Thanks to the use of the advanced technique of reducing the particle size, micronised pigments contained in the foundation adapt to the dark skin tone perfectly.                     
Golden reflections subtly illuminate the complexion and gradually released polymers absorb the excess of sebum to provide the skin with the effect of silky smoothness.