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Volume Designer Mascara

The Volume Designer Mascara is long-lasting and does not smudge or crumble, and 
it's distinctive look creates the volume of your dreams.
It's special formula enriched with plant origin complex leaves lashes elastic and naturally soft.
It contains rice wax rich in vitamin E which nourishes and cares for your lashes.
Natural copernice (Brazilian palm) leaf extract regenerates lashes and prevents them from falling out.
The Volume Designer Mascara creates perfectly modelled lashes that will add magnetic beauty and mysteriousness to your look.
It's thick brush separates lashes and covers them with even layer of mascara.
It's creamy texture allows the mascara to be spread evenly giving regular deep colour.
To achieve a more spectacular effect for an evening make up, just apply 2 layers of mascara.
Capacity 11ml.