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Brow And Lash Creator

The Brow and Lash Creator is an irreplaceable duo of brow gel and mascara base which creates a charming look and perfect eye make up.
The transparent gel perfectly arranges unruly hairs and preserves the shape of the brows.
The Brow and Lash Creator contains unique amino acid complex which strengthens and nourishes the brows,
and it contains B5 vitamins which regenerates the brows, giving them a healthy beautiful look.
The nourishing mascara base immediately thickens and lengthens lashes giving them exceptional volume that will intensify the effects of mascara usage.
The base strengthens lashes day by day, stimulating their growth, and thanks to active ingredients it works like a serum: 
wheat proteins nourish the lashes, vitamin E makes them elastic and minimises their falling out.
The shape of the brush allows precise application, and can reach even the shortest hairs.
Capacity: 14ml