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Contour Kit

This 6.6g Contour Kit is a cosmetic providing a natural 3-D effect to your make-up. 
Perfectly chosen colours allow for corrections of the shape of the face, emphasising assets and covering imperfections. 
It contains silica (which optically reduces wrinkles and covers imperfections), white clay (which absorbs sebum and prevents the skin from shining), and oats flour (which gives make-up a velvety luxurious finish).
The kit consists of three parts:
* Highlighter – brings out, and perfectly emphasises the central part of the face. It gives the skin glow, reflects the light, and conceals imperfections.
* Contouring Powder – creates the impression of shadow and will emphasise cheekbones.
* Bronzer – strengthens the effect of contouring, gives the skin the shade of natural, healthy tan.