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Dishwasher Tablets

These 500g Dishwasher Tablets are ecological, biodegradable and contain no phosphate, preservatives, artificial colourings or chlorine. 
They effectively remove even toughest residue or fats leaving dishes brilliantly clean and shining. 
Their modern formula combines activity of cleaning, polishing and softening agents and care for the environment. 
Thanks to enzymes they work perfectly even in low temperatures saving energy and money. 
They contain ingredients preventing glass from becoming matte and preventing corrosion of metal dishes and cutlery. 
They soften water and protect the dishwasher from limescale settling. 
They are fragrance free and are packed in a delicate foil, dissoluble in water, that protects 
the skin of your hands from the direct contact with the tablet. 
There are 25 pieces in the pack.