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The New Extravagant Collection

The classic elegance found in a sublime composition of lily, jasmine, cardamon and green mandarine, 
emphasized by the freshness of opuntia, olive and cedar trees.

Sophisticated combination of pear, jasmine, patchouli, styrax japonica and spices: ginger and saffron.

A light composition of energising mint, 
intoxicating peony, jasmine, cedar and Labdanum resin.

Aromatic figs, citruses, caviar, fig tree, musk and ambergris. A brave and 
ambiguous fragrance.

Effervescent, pulsating, magnetic, intensive – unique composition of sensual jasmine,
heliotrope and ambergris, complemented with refined accords of orris root, myrrh and cashmere wood.

A delicate composition based on aromas of white flowers combined with the freshness of citrus notes.
A compound of birch and ambergris add a to the decisiveness and depth to the scent.