Aftershave Balm FM199

This 50ml FM199 Aftershave Balm contains ingredients that soothe and moisturise the skin irritated after shaving. 
Aloe vera juice soothes redness and gives a feeling of gentle refreshment. 
Nourishing macadamia oil, rich in omega 6, 7 and 9 acids deeply moisturises the skin and makes it nicely soft and smooth. 
Panthenol successfully regenerates skin and restores its protective barrier. 
Allantoin eliminates the feeling of tightness and glycerine enhances skin hydration. 
It absorbs well and ensures comfort all day long. 
It is designed for all skin types. 
Its scent perfectly harmonises with Eau de Parfum FM199 and has a rich and complex composition of 
mint, tangerine, cinnamon, cardamom, rose, and leather notes.