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Perfumed Hand and Nail Cream

Rich in moisturising ingredients which provide pleasant smoothness and softness.
Enriched in vitamin A which strengthens the skin and stimulates biosynthesis of collagen.
Provitamin B5 accelerates tissue regeneration and reduces ageing symptoms.
Contains allantoin which soothes and reduces irritations.
For daily care of hands and nails.
Available in several attractive fragrances.

Available fragrances

Refreshing power of jasmine, white rose, bamboo, apple and lemon.
Eccentric scent of magnolia, lily of the valley, rose and violet, complemented by the gentle notes of apple and green cucumber.
Refreshing power of citrus deeped with sweet flowers and woody notes.
A little hypnotic mixture of sour almonds, vanilla, musk, moss and Jacaranda tree.