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Hello Honey Collection

The wonderful properties of honey have been known since ancient times.
One of the most exceptional women in history – Cleopatra – regularly
enjoyed baths with addition of honey in order to maintain her beauty for many years to come.
We also, acquiring from nature, derived what’s best from honey – only
extract – and we combined it with ingredients that nourish skin and has beneficial properties
which come from the wealth of monosaccharides, mineral ingredients,
vitamins and organic acids contained in honey.
Thanks to our Hello Honey Collection, you will be able to create a honey bath ritual in the comfort of your own bathroom
it will stimulate your senses, make you relaxed, and spoil your skin. 
These cosmetics, designed for dry and demanding skin at any age, will optimally moisturise it and bring relief.

 Hello Honey Bath Powder

Hello Honey Bath Powder
 Hello Honey Sugar Body Scrub

 Hello Honey Nectar Body Wash

 Hello Honey Body Pudding