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Gold Regenesis anti-ageing cosmetics


Mature skin over the age of 40 begins to require much more attention and care. 
With age its structure weakens and reduced production of lipids results in rapid water loss. 
The skin becomes thinner, more sensitive to external factors and dehydrated. 
Degeneration of collagen fibres, responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin, causes wrinkles and discolourations to appear. 
Wrinkles become deeper, facial contour becomes less defined and needs remodelling. 
The ageing of the skin is not only affected by the changes in the body associated with age,
 especially hormonal changes during the menopause, but also lifestyle, eating and skin care habits.
To facilitate suitable care and intensive regeneration of mature skin we have created the luxurious Gold Regenesis anti-ageing cosmetics 
whose formulas are based on pure colloidal gold.
Only a comprehensive approach at all levels provides desired results, 
that is why the series includes anti-ageing day creamanti-ageing night cream and anti-ageing eye cream.

Colloidal gold particles:

Reduce existing wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming.
Stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis.
Influence skin moisturisation and nutrition.
Restore natural shine and vitality of the skin.
Activate natural immune system.
Are bio available.


Gold Regenesis anti-ageing Day Cream


Gold Regenesis anti-ageing Night Cream


Gold Regenesis anti-ageing Eye Cream


Gold Regenesis anti-ageing Gel Toner

Gold Regenesis anti-ageing Gel Toner