FM Gold Orchid Colour Extend Shampoo

This 200ml FM Gold Orchid Colour Extend Shampoo with a natural formula has been designed especially for dyed hair which frequently undergoes hair and scalp salon treatments. 
Its formula is based on the delicate washing substances. 
It gently cleanses and nourishes hair without irritating the scalp. 
It effectively regenerates and moisturises damaged hair strands and prevents split ends due to the content of argan oil and vegetable proteins. 
African rooibos extract protects coloured hair against colour loss and makes it beautifully shiny. 
Fruit juices and a unique natural polymer close hair cuticles and make them silky and shiny, whereas the orchid extract additionally smooths them. 
Pro-vitamin B5 strengthens the hair and along with other ingredients, optimally moisturises the scalp. 
The shampoo, when used systematically, regulates the production of sebum, giving you the feeling of freshness and comfort. 
It prevents static hair and it is suitable for everyday use.