Beta-Glucan Anti cellulite Body Balm

The Beta-Glucan Anti cellulite body balm is based on a unique anti cellulite f

orte complex which shapes your body 


strengthens tissues,

reducing the so-called orange 

peel effect.

It contains an extract of Centella asiatica herb which stimulates the 

production of collagen and elastin, 

restoring proper 

skin density and elasticity, preventing stretch marks.

Horsetail strengthens and regenerates weakened


It also contains 

caffeine from guarana seeds which stimulates

microcirculation, accelerating fat burning, 

firming and smoothing the skin.

l-carnitine enhances body shaping effect 

and reduces skin changes caused by cellulite.

Beta-glucan and allantoin additionally moisturise 

the skin, making it pleasant to the touch.

For daily use, morning and evening, for best results 

combine with physical activity and proper diet.

Capacity: 300ml