Aurile Vanilla Flavoured Ground Coffee Sachet

Aurile Vanilla flavoured ground coffee comes in a 21g sachet and has an
exotic, sweet aroma of vanilla and is a perfect complement to the natural coffee flavour.It introduces warm and joyful notes to the composition and is a real treat for the senses!It contains no sugar or sweeteners.One sachet lets you enjoy two cups of delicious coffee!


Species: Arabica + Robusta (Master Blend)

Origins: Eastern Asia

Cultivation: To 800 mamsl

Roast: Medium (American Roast)

Flavour: Vanilla

Taste: Deep, strong

Crema: Excellent, thick, long-lasting

Grind: Medium

Packaging: Hermetically closed foil

Preparation tips: Pour hot water or prepare in various types of coffeemakers (pressure, overflow, moka). Tastes excellent without any additives.