Aurile Metabolism Ground Coffee

Keep counting calories?

Or maybe you just feel that your metabolism has considerably slowed down?

Wake it up with a cup of delicious coffee Aurile Metabolism Ground Coffee.

It is enhanced with zinc, chrome, L-carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia extract, 

and vitamin B.

It’s an excellent, 

and most of all safe supplement of your slimming and detoxification processes.

With a proper diet and a little bit of sport it will make you feel exceptionally light.


Recommended especially if you:

  • Want to improve your metabolism,
  • Wish to stay slim,
  • Want to win the fight with obesity,
  • Eat irregularly or unhealthy,
  • Have used restrictive or fasting diets in the recent past.


  • Help keep the proper sugar blood level,
  • contribute to maintaining normal metabolism of macronutrients,
  • help keep the proper metabolism of carbohydrates,
  • contribute to maintaining normal metabolism of fatty acids, 
    • add energy.


    • Species: Arabica + Robusta (Master Blend)
    • Origins: Eastern Asia
    • Cultivation: To 800 mamsl
    • Roast: Medium (American Roast)
    • Aroma: Oriental, spicy-woody,
    • Taste: Strong, clear
    • Crema: Excellent, thick, and long-lasting,
    • Caffeine: 127 mg / cup
    • Supplements: Garcinia Cambogia extract, L-carnitine, chrome, zinc, biotin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid
    • Grind: Medium
    • Packaging: Hermetically closed valve bag + box
    • Preparation tips: Pour hot water or prepare in various types of coffeemakers 

      (pressure, overflow, moka). Excellent with milk, spices, and flavoured syrups.