Aurile Energy Ground Coffee

When the world around you spins at a crazy pace, you have to be one step ahead of everyone. 
Recharge your batteries! Reach for a new source of natural energy. 
Aurile Energy Ground Coffee has an increased dose of caffeine from guarana, taurine, and the stimulating 
complex of B vitamins will restore you to the highest speed.

Especially recommended for:

  • The physically active,
  • those involved in hard physical work,
    • athletes,
  • those working on night shifts (e.g. professional drivers, security personnel, health care),
  • those with irregular lifestyle,
  • those overtired and feeling prolonged fatigue,
  • travelers who frequently change time zones.


  • Add energy,
  • increase the psycho physical efficiency,
  • stimulate and refresh,


    • Species: Arabica + Robusta (Master Blend)
    • Origins: Eastern Asia
    • Cultivation: To 800 mamsl
    • Roast: Medium (American Roast)
    • Aroma: Oriental, spicy-woody,
    • Taste: Strong, clear
    • Crema: Excellent, thick, and long-lasting,
    • Caffeine: 146 mg / cup
    • Supplements: Guarana extract, taurine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin
    • Grind: Medium
    • Packaging: Hermetically closed valve bag + box
    • Preparation tips: Pour hot water or prepare in various types of coffeemakers (pressure, overflow, moka). Excellent with milk, spices, and flavoured syrups