Aurile Antioxidant Ground Coffee

Time cannot go back, but modern science allows us to minimise the negative effects of its passage. 
We have selected a number of bioactive ingredients that come to the rescue: Açai berry, green mate, zinc, and vitamin E. 
Our Aurile Antioxidant Ground Coffee uses a combination of the most effective antioxidants, and good coffee makes a delicious youth potion, 
you will be happy to enjoy every single day! 

Recommended especially if you:

  • Want to live a healthier life,
  • live in a big, polluted city,
  • have poor eating habits,
  • are exposed to chronic stress,
  • smoke cigarettes.


  • Protect against the destructive action of free radicals,
  • protect cells against oxidative stress,
  • assist in the correct DNA synthesis,
  • assist in the proper operation of the immune system,
  • help maintain healthy skin and hair.


    • Species: Arabica + Robusta (Master Blend)
    • Origins: Eastern Asia
    • Cultivation: To 800 mamsl
    • Roast: Medium (American Roast)
    • Aroma: Oriental, spicy-woody,
    • Taste: Strong, clear
    • Crema: Excellent, thick, and long-lasting,
    • Caffeine: 138 mg / cup
    • Supplements: Açai berry extract, green mate extract, vitamin E, zinc

    • Grind: Medium
    • Packaging: Hermetically closed valve bag + box
    • Preparation tips: pour hot water or prepare in various types of coffeemakers (pressure, overflow, moka). Excellent with milk, spices and flavoured syrups.