About FM Group

FM GROUP is a family business distributing perfumes and perfumed products.

It was launched by Artur and Andrzej Trawinski. Trawinski's perfume adventure started almost 15 years ago. ago. 

In 1995 Andrezej Trawinski launched PERFAND - a company producing high quality perfumes, and in 2004 launched FM GROUP Poland - a perfume distribution company. 
FM GROUP Poland has seen rapid growth. In February 2008 they moved to Szewce where their administration, 
call centre and warehousing is based as they have personnel experienced in economics, chemistry, export and graphics.  
And that is not all. At the beginning of 2005, FM GROUP expanded into international markets and new FM GROUP branches have started to appear all over the world.    
Such dynamic development enforces the company's objective of creating a truly international business.                                                                                   
There is the Head Office of FM Group in Poland and over 40 branches in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and the Far East. 


FM GROUP is a very fast growing company in the perfume market.

We offer you a large range of fragrances of all types: fresh, flowery, oriental, woody, fruity and many more.      

Our mission is to bring YOU the luxury and quality of the designer brand fragrances, without the high designer price tag!
FM Group is a unique, state of the art company and its products are of high quality perfume concentration, yet is competitively priced.

Did you know that perfume Industry is worth $24 billion yearly worldwide?
That liquid in the bottle represents only 3% - 4% of the total cost of producing it?
That other 97% goes to marketing, packaging and advertising?
That production costs of the FM’s Perfumes cost about the same as a Designer’s one?


Most people buy the more affordable Eau de Toilette perfumes which contain between 3% - 7% of essence composition, 
and Eau de Parfums which contain between 7% - 15% of essence composition. 

FM Perfumes contain the same high quality essences as the other leading brands and contains 20% of essence composition, 
which means that FM Perfumes last longer!